Take the intelligent approach with SPARK

We help our clients navigate masses of unstructured data to maximise opportunities and minimise business risks.

Spark helps to analyse the data, giving you the business briefing you really need, with detailed indications of potential risks.

Information Sources

Our data and analysis are based on official sources that provide you a huge repository of knowledge.
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  • Over 17 million notices of bankruptcies and court cases, with 6.500 added every day
  • 19 million notices of company liquidations and reorganisations, with 12.000 added every day
  • Nearly 16 million registration details for businesses in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, with 60.000 added every day
Book a demo We offer information and analysis of companies and private entrepreneurs throughout Russia and the CIS countries, helping you make well-balanced decisions.


SPARK provides informed and accurate insight into the business or entrepreneur you’re researching. It's faster to carry out KYC and due diligence procedures and access essential information such as affiliations, ultimate beneficial owners, legal status and financial performance.
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