Verification, analysis and monitoring of companies

Know your counterparty, perform due diligence checks.
  • Assessment of
    credit risks
  • Discovery
    of affiliations 
  • Monitoring
    of counterparties
  • Search
    for beneficiaries

SPARK in numbers

  • 29,5
    registration information on legal entities
    + 3 200 new entries daily
  • 17,5
    notices of bankruptcies and arbitration court cases
    + 6 500 per day
  • 27
    sets of financial statements with an archive depth of 15 years
    + more than 2 mln new documents annually
  • 23,7
    commercial and government contracts
    + 270 000 new documents per mounth
  • 19
    notices of company liquidations and reorganizations
    + 12 000 per day
  • 2,4
    messages on bankruptcy and tenders
    + 2 500 new messages per day
  • 3,7
    notices on pledges of movable property
    + 4 500 new messages per day
  • 22,6
    records of enforcement proceedings in respect of legal entities
    + 23 000 new messages per day
  • 2,6
    records of intellectual property objects
    + 95 000 new messages per mounth


  • Lists and monitoring alerts
    Create your own lists of companies or persons and set up monitoring alerts to receive real-time notifications when there are any changes occur.
  • Express risk assessment
    Unique analytical indicators make it possible to conduct an express analysis of a company and assess its integrity.
  • Immediate updates
    Most sources are updated daily,
    some in real-time.
  • new
    Search for affiliations
    Automated search for links between companies and individuals by ownership, telephone numbers, or address.
  • new
    Pledged company assets
    Official information about company assets, including their holders and pledge status.
  • new
    Request credit history
    Get instant access to the credit histories of individuals and legal entities with a 92% success rate.

Data sources

  • Federal Tax Service of Russia
    Official information including entries from tax service and company details
    24 million
  • Federal Statistics Service of Russia
    Classifier codes, company details and financial statements
    17,6 million
    every month
  • Supreme Court of Russia
    Arbitration cases, lawsuits
    20,1 million
    court cases
    per day

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