SPARK Draws Conclusions
See the business risks associated with a company.
By giving you access to invaluable proprietary indices, SPARK makes it easier to decide if a business or private entrepreneur will be a reliable partner. It identifies potential shell companies and shows whether organisations have poor financial results, are bankrupt or in liquidation.
SPARK uncovers hidden affiliations and locates UBOs
Determine if beneficiary chains go beyond Russia’s borders to offshore jurisdictions. SPARK searches for hidden relationships between companies and individuals and uses graphics to illustrate complex corporate families, making it easier to identify affiliations.
SPARK highlights problems in advance
Determine the creditworthness of a company by assessing it's payment discipline and recieve early warning that a counterparty is unable to meet its financial obligations.
SPARK provides detailed portfolio analysis
Assess the debt portfolio of a company before making any formal commitments. Spark gives insight into the volume of companies at risk of insolvency and bankruptcy.
More About Spark
Information Sources
Our data and analysis are based on official sources that provide you a huge repository of knowledge.
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