Information & Analysis

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SPARK simplifies the process of sorting large volumes of unstructured data.
Simply type the name of the company, private entrepreneur, shareholder or director into the search bar, and SPARK will show you the most relevant results.
Search by
  • The company's legal address or telephone number
  • Tax identification number
  • Bank guaranties
  • Court rulings
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • VIN number of a company vehicle
  • Domains
  • Pledges and leasing contracts
SPARK's sophisticated search algorithms help you find the most relevant results for your chosen filters.
SPARK helps you focus on the crucial details
SPARK makes a crucial difference when you're researching a business or entrepreneur. With regularly updated data and ways to filter searches, SPARK helps you focus on critical information and highlights relevant risks.
Get access to
  • Registration and contact details
  • Company structure, shareholders, subsidiaries, branches and directors
  • Record of company changes
  • Affiliations
  • Risk factors
  • State registration bulletin announcements
  • Financial analysis and financial reports from companies, banks and insurers
  • Payment discipline
  • Legal cases and enforcement proceedings
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Participation in state and commercial procurement tenders
  • Patents, licenses and securities
  • Company vacancies
  • Domains