Business Opportunities

SPARK identifies companies that can help you realise your business development plans.
Business opportunities encourage companies to expand into new markets. They can bring increased sales, higher profits and short- and long-term security.
Spark helps you
  • Create a list of potential partners and counterparties
  • Assess the potential market for your products and services
  • Research and verify partners in various sectors
  • Research and verify lists of companies and private entrepreneurs according to particular parameters
  • Analyse your competitors' activities (state contracts, legal cases, payment discipline)
  • Monitor your development and risks in real-time
Business Opportunities
You can refine the search results using a range of parameters, such as region and field of activity, name of director, net profit and other financial indicators.
Narrow down your search with customised settings to match your particular goals.
SPARK's search function is fast and intuitive. It quickly
generates a report using the parameters you choose.