SPARK-Interfax, created by the Interfax Group in 2003, helps you assess the reliability and creditworthiness of counterparties, partners and suppliers. Over the past 17 years, we have gathered and analysed massive amounts of information to help you identify business risks and opportunities with confidence.
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Past events
Free webinar
May 23
Growing demand for comprehensive third-party due diligence, halfway through 2023: key kyc and financial crime development
Free webinar
March 31
Growing demand for comprehensive third-party due diligence: highlights and discussions
Free webinar
February 27
Live talk with an expert the expanding extraterritoriality of us sanctions and export controls regulations
Free webinar
December 20
Business response to current risks & due diligence trends
Free webinar
September 15
Navigating risks in view of current Russia&CIS climate
Free webinar
July 28
Is adverse media analysis part of your edd process yet? Exploring increased risk regions
Free webinar
June 29
Is Your Business up to Speed With Current Risks Related to Russia&CIS Region?
Free webinar
May 25
Tool Overview: SPARK-INTERFAX Enhanced Due Diligence for The CIS Region
Free webinar
May 11
Increased Risk Regions: Due Diligence Highlights for Mena Stakeholders
Free webinar
April 12
2022 Increased Risk Regions: Tips and Due Diligence Techniques
Case studies
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