System capabilities

SPARK subscribers can quickly verify any company registered in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and can immediately draw conclusions from the available information. Users can assess the scale of the business and the company’s creditworthiness, its affiliations and risks. The system tracks all of the changes in the life of a company and allows the user to conduct an in-depth analysis using its unique analytical tools.

  • new
    Company search
    Highly effective search function, with the ability to identify the target precisely.
  • new
    Risk factors
    Preliminary assessment of more than 20 risk factors, making it possible to assess the reliability of counterparties.
  • new
    Selection of companies
    Select a list of companies according to requirements using a broad range of search parameters.
  • new
    Verification of power of attorney
    Specialized service for verifying the details of a notarized document drawn up on a standard form.
  • Negative lists
    The system will indicate if a company has been included in any official negative lists – an additional risk factor.
  • new
    Company filings with the Federal Tax Service
    The system notifies users if companies or individuals intend to change their addresses or make alterations to directorships or charter capital.
  • Lists and monitoring alerts
    Create your own lists of individuals and businesses, and receive real-time notifications when there are any changes.
  • Express risk assessment
    Unique indicators make it possible to conduct an express analysis of a company and assess its integrity.
  • Immediate updates
    Most sources are updated daily,
    some in real-time.
  • new
    Search for affiliations
    Conduct an automated search for links between companies and individuals by ownership, telephone numbers or address.
  • new
    Pledged company assets
    Official lists of company assets, including their holders and pledge status.
  • Bankruptcies
    The latest information about upcoming bankruptcies and filings with the Federal Tax Service regarding liquidations and reorganizations.
  • new
    Request credit history
    Get instant access to the credit histories of individuals and legal entities with a 92% success rate.
  • Entries from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
    Unlimited online entries enable users to perform due diligence checks.
  • new
    Company vacancies
    The latest information about vacancies: find out what a company does and how active it is on the market.
  • Reports on companies
    Summaries and complete reports on companies: view just the main facts or examine detailed analytical reports with financial results, material events and more.
  • Media reports and public information
    Access to over 20,000 newspapers, magazines, news agencies, websites and blogs from Russia and the CIS offering reports on companies and their directors to assess reputational risk.
  • Arbitration cases and enforcement actions by the Federal Bailiff Service
    Study a company’s existing enforcement proceedings and litigation; monitor for the filing of new arbitration cases.
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The highest amount collected from a private company listed in SPARK Enforcement actions are an effective tool for analyzing a company’s activities
  • Company structure
    Up-to-date information about corporate trees in one window, including records of changes, lists of co-owners and information on ownership structures, including foreign beneficiaries.
  • Financial statements
    All company statements to RAS and IFRS, statements of banks and insurance companies and analytical tools for assessing the financial health of a business.
  • Continuous monitoring of status
    New information is always available on whether a company is active and whether contact telephone numbers and other details are up-to-date.
  • Company details, patents and licenses
    Key details on state registrations and additional sources of information regarding changes to do wih intellectual property, rights holders, contracts and licences.
  • Participation in tenders and government procurement
    Assess a company’s purchasing activity under laws № 223-FZ and № 44-FZ, track general statistics on participation in tenders and find out about existing obligations and signed contracts.
  • Search by company website
    Identify a company by its domain in the .RU, .РФ and .SU zones and study hidden links with domain registration data.

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